23 September 2009

Day 123

Run to Domokos 3, originally uploaded by Ryan Runs Europe.

50.8 Kilometers.
The four month mark. Also, a nice sequence of numbers.
I woke up around 10 am, still tired and said goodbye to Panos. I went with Lila to a nearby cafe where I sat in the sun and we talked until my clothes were dry. It was a sunny day, and I felt like I should maybe not have thrown away my sunscreen. We went to a nearby pharmacy where I got some free samples rubbed on my face, and I was ready to go.
I really didn't feel like doing around fifty kilometers of running, so after about 36 I stopped to grab a drink of water from a fountain and ate a melted KitKat bar that I had packed in my bag. I walked leisurely for about 7 or 8 kilometers, and passed by big cotton fields for the first time that I can remember. I picked some cotton and made some yarn as I walked.
Once I got bored with cotton, I started running again, and despite my legs feeling pretty sore, I made it up the big hill to Domokos. It was a nice dirt road that looked like it hadn't had traffic in years. At the end of the road I could see why. There was a big pile of clay, rock, and trash blocking the road. I had to climb up this to get into Domokos, and I arrived in the city sweaty and with orange mud all over my hands.
I bought a chocolate milk and went to the Police station.
Yannis (from the Bar Rouge where I slept in Trikala) had gone out of his way to make some phone calls for me, and I guess his brother is a police officer, so he got it set up so that I could go to the police station in the small town and then sleep in one of the rooms that the church had.
The guy in the police station had no idea what was going on (and I didn't meet one person who could speak English), but after some calls and waiting around I got hooked up with the right officer who brought me out to meet the "Papa" who let me into his church building and gave me a key to a room. It was really nice, with a clean bed and bathroom and fresh sheets on the bed. I went out to grab something to eat and came back in the late night for a shower and a solid 10 hours or so of much needed sleep.


  1. Yeh Ryan!! After a rough start in Greece things are looking up. I was reflecting your adventures the other day, and realised that what you are doing is amazing (crazy, but amazing). I know you still have a couple more weeks, and I hope they go well, but in my own selfish way..I cant wait to have you back "home"! Love you!

  2. It does seem you are having a more difficult time communicating with people in greece than you did in other parts of europe. I am just curious if you feel it is hindering your experience at all not getting to socialize as much with the locals?


  3. Hey another day with a bed to sleep in. I bet 6 mos from now you'll get back to this blog and smile remembering all the fun and the hardship along the way. And this will be something to tell your grandchildren about sometime in the future, and be proud of.
    Keep on running

  4. I've been following your blog for a while now and I couldn't wait for you to finally get to Greece. This is one of the most magical lands on the planet, one that I believe everyone should experience at least once in their life - and you get to experience it like most never will! Enjoy the yummy food & the amazing people. Even though communication may be tough, Greek people have so much to give. Have an amazing time in Greece!

  5. greece seems harder...best of luck.

  6. Hey Ryan, Well I forgot to tell you that we had great time at the Ranch with Papa and we talked about you and your amazing Adventure.Of course Papa was talking to everyone and anyone who will listen about you and your great Adventures. He's very proud of you and so as everyone there and he checks your blog every day first thing in the Morning,but still not into writing ur blog.U know that he keeps in touch with u by emails. We miss u and love you very much:)