22 September 2009

Day 122

Panos' Design Studio, originally uploaded by Ryan Runs Europe.

26 Kilometers.
I slept until a little after ten, waking up once in the morning to explain to a guy who worked at the bar what I was doing sleeping in the storeroom. I ate for breakfast the food and water that had been given to me the night before (sandwiches, cake, cookies) and spent a long time working on the Internet before getting my things together and heading out of town. As I packed up my things, I decided to drop some weight by throwing out my sunscreen (it has been pretty cool recently) and the eye drops that I had bought the day before. Thankfully my eye wasn't bothering me anymore.
It was another short run to Karditsa, and I arrived in the late afternoon. It was a bit cold, and I walked some random circles around town into the early evening. As it started getting dark, I walked past a nicely lit office with a sign that said "Design Studio." I saw Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona chair, so I figured that was enough reason to walk in.
[Enter me, smelling/smiling, holding two dirty running shoes by the laces]
Panos: (Something in Greek)
Me: Den Milao Elinika (Translation: I don't speak Greek)
Panos: What are you doing here?
Me: Oh, just looking.
Panos: This is not a store, it is my studio.
Me: Yeah, yeah...still, just looking...
Somehow from this slightly awkward start, we got to talking and I showed Panos my website and some of my work. As we talked, I met his little brother and his father, and he offered me a place to sleep at his apartment. Just awesome.
His friend Leila (an architect) came over to the studio, and I ended up going with her to get some dinner and see her studio as Panos went back to his apartment to get some work done. Leila had just started her own studio, and wanted some advice on a facade she was working on. I was so incredibly excited to have the opportunity to think about architecture again. It has been a long time. I gave her some drawn out opinions, and we talked a lot about architecture in general. I made sketches, and used Autocad and Photoshop for the first time in ages. Ohh, I love those things.
Around midnight we went over to Panos' apartment and I took a shower and washed my clothes. We went downstairs to a bar and stayed out until around 3 am having drinks and talking about design. A good good deal.


  1. sounds like a magic night;)

    continues peace and luck my friend

  2. Glad things are better today, and your eye didn't turn out to be something worse.

  3. Notice how the advice and commentary is posted more freely after 100 days or so? We must all feel maternal (paternal, fraternal etc) after following you along on your journey. Your brothers' posts are always hilarious...in that sick, kind of brotherly love, inside joke,teasing way.

  4. hey Ryan, How lucky you are that Panos did not through you out on your butt..you must have been a sight for sore eyes! Gosh,you have the luck of the irish! Glad that he was so hospitable to you and his studio looks really cool...Seems like you must be in one of the larger towns to have a studio like that, as it is unlikely that they decorate like that in some of the houses in the cliffs you showed us! Take care. Love you!

  5. Yeah!! Ryan got a warm place to sleep and kind people for the night. Glad you had good day. Keep smiling:)

  6. I agree with the comment made earlier--I was just thinking how almost a thousand of us follow your blog and feel connected with you, but we are only strangers to you. Still, it must be nice to know there are hundreds of us routing for you and wishing you the best.