30 July 2009

Day 67

Parma Cone, originally uploaded by Ryan Runs Europe.

22.5 Kilometers.
A short run put me into Parma in the early afternoon. The distance was easily managed, and I was probably doing six forty miles along the same straight and busy road as the day before. Nothing interesting really happened until I was coming into town and a car t-boned another passing car, causing the front bumper to fly off and land 50 meters or so in front of me...an instant reminder of how wonderfully amazing the drivers are here.
I had set up a place to stay in town through couchsurfing, so I didn't have to worry about much. I gave Saša a call and started checking out the town, waiting until he got off of work. I went into a few churches and meandered around town, eating a gelato before walking through the Giardino Ducale. Eventually I went to an Internet cafe where I spent a few minutes checking over my emails before Saša came there to meet me.
We went back to his apartment, where I took a shower and washed my stuff. He had to meet someone in town for an hour or so, so when I was done with my shower I spent a significant amount of time reading over a photoshop manual that he had in the living room. I learned about a couple things that I hadn't heard of before...and won't believe until I see for myself (the possibility of importing 3d models and maintaining perspective?).
Saša and I went to dinner, and I got to eat some Parma ham and tortellini, both specialties of the region. After dinner, we bought a beer and sat in a nearby park with one of Saša's coworkers. Late in the evening, we went into a gelateria and took some of that back to the park to hang out. You really have to try hard here to keep a diet that consists of less than 10 percent gelato...the stuff is amazing.


  1. The Photoshop manual does sound riveting. Who would have though?!??!! No, but seriously. Gelato is awesome. Love you man.

  2. New here, and so happy to have found your blog through a series of clicks; one of my followers follows you!
    I've told friends and family about your amazing journey...I find myself living vicariously through you!
    Good Work!

  3. Photoshop is the most confusing program in the world. Just get used to it.

  4. Not a fan of ice cream myself ... it's too cold for my sensitive teeth!

    Either way, looks like your coming along in Italy rather well. Nice to see you escaped death by flying bumper this morning though! What will I ever do without your blog!

    HAHA ... j/k ... stay safe!

  5. my daughter loved the gelato... there was not a time of day she would turn it down!. btw that looks pretty delish.

  6. Still love reading about your adventures - and I agree about the Gelato, I was in Italy last year, and oh, man! The stuff we call "gelato" in the states has no idea how good the real deal is! - Amy

  7. I was just starting to worry, glad to see you are OK and enjoying some yummy gelato. It has been sooooo hot here, highest temperatures since 1891! 103F and no rain for 70 days..does not sound much like WA does it! Take care Love you.

  8. Good food, good conversation and just plain old hanging out is a great way to end the day.

  9. Gelato... i can almost taste it!! Best stuff I had was in Orvieto!

  10. Hey Ryain, I uploaded a few photos of you in Parma. I sent on CS the link to the gallery.
    Here is one of them: http://www.geniusesatwork.com/photos/615591228_f2Fav-XL.jpg