05 July 2009

Day 44

Day 44, originally uploaded by Ryan Runs Europe.

28.5 Kilometers.
Au revoir France, Gutentag Deutschland!
Happy Independence Day! I made it to Germany! Wake up PJ!
The run was straightforward but not incredibly scenic, along the side of a busy two lane highway with no shoulder. Halfway through I had to stop in the woods and use the emergency toilet paper that I have been carrying around since I left Columbia...it seems the French Thai food hit me pretty hard. The toilet paper has been through a lot (NYC plus 1,200 km of European roads inside of a calcium bottle), but sadly it never made it to Germany. It did get all ripped up though and and coated in minty calcium...so it was a little bit less of a pleasant experience than it could have been...
Anyways, a little over 2 hours after I left Mulhouse, France, I arrived in Badenweiler, Germany and met up with my couchsurfing host Anna. I let my legs cool in the stream that runs near her house, had a shower and passed out on the futon for an hour or so. Some friends of Anna were having a party outside of Freiburg (my next destination), so around 7 we rode bikes down to the train station, and took the train into Freiburg. Once we got there, we stopped by the grocery store and rode out of town, and then hiked a mile up a hill to get to a little castle. We watched the sunset from a the top of the tower (the view was awesome), and then built a fire at its base. I spent the night hanging out with a bunch of cool people (who all spoke perfect English) who played some music and grilled some good food. I even heard some country songs and had some beer and Bratwurst (the closest I got to a hot dog)...apart from the lack of fireworks and the whole not being in the US thing, it was pretty much a normal 4th of July.
Around 1 AM we made the walk and bike ride back to the train station, and after getting off the train, we had a half hour bike ride up a hill to get home. Definitely one of those days where my legs hate me. I think they will hate me more for making them run back to Freiburg now...


  1. I love the picture. Hope your legs love you today?

  2. Now you get to practise your german...should be interesting. You look good in the photos these days, keep up the protein etc....love you.

  3. Awesome adventure ... can't begin to tell you how many times that emergency roll comes in handy for me. Being in the military, I work in the woods alot and most times the luxury of a public toilet is a scarcity ...

    Hope you refilled when you had the chance!

    Have fun in Germany :)

  4. Welcome to Germany! Time for new shoes and a day of rest, no?

  5. I feel like you've had a lot of couchsurfing hosts named Anna.

    Also... HAND HAT!!!!

  6. I was just telling my friend today about your blog. I am a recent follower. My friend and I are avid "fast walkers" ha ha and I was telling her today that we should go somewhere in Europe and walk and enjoy the sites. We cover a lot of ground, so it would be something realistic to do. I think you have such a great idea. It is the best way to see the sights! Enjoy!

  7. Hi Ryan,

    I was looking online (web) in the NY Post and NY Times, I can't find your article. If anyone finds it, can they say on which page it is written and in which paper? Thank you!

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  9. Welcome to Deutschland!! Been following your blog, and seriously, how many people can say that they camped out at Ronchamp? Absolutely nuts. I'm insanely jealous that you've been able to see so much already (waaayyy more than I have all semester hah), and you sound like you're having the time of your life! Enjoy the beer in Germany :) and Viel Glück!

  10. Good morning from Athens,
    being originally from Germany it is a pleasure to read you entering the country i left about five years ago.
    Hope that you have a pleasant stay and am looking forward to welcome you here.

  11. Lieber Ryan,
    Herzlich willkommen in Deutschland! Ich hoffe,du hast mehr Spass und einen besseren Tag als gestern. Wir hoffen, dass du nette und grosszuigige leute auf deiner Route kennenlernst! Haben dich lieb! KEEP SMILING:-))
    Die Carter-famile

  12. Country songs in Germany... thats awesome! haha

  13. U are awesome! Keep it up! I will keep on reading~

  14. Hello! I have recently been following your blog and I think it is awesome what your doing. I am currently working in Germany, far east Germany so I can't help ya out. :( I was telling a German friend about your blog and she looked up at me and said, "You mean like Forest Gump but in Europe?" I thought it was really funny. Good luck in Germany and beyond. Look forward to the next post!

  15. Hello Ryan,

    enjoy the Schwarzwald.
    Good luck