21 July 2009

Day 59

33 Kilometers.
I took a "Sentiero" (footpath) all the way to Biasca, where I was supposed to get back onto the footpath towards Bellinzona. The way was beautiful, and I went by an interesting ruined castle. When I got into Biasca however, I didn't pay any attention to the sign of the footpath (it was pointing in the wrong direction), and I just started heading in the right general (down the valley). Feeling like I should take an easier day (both of my shins are giving me some trouble again), I walked the first half on a series of roads and trails that were on no map, marching through mud, under highway overpasses, though thorns, etc. After 15 km or so, I crossed over a bridge and found the proper path again. As it would turn out, had I just gone in the wrong direction a little ways in Biasca, I would have found a bridge and followed the marked footpath the entire way. Once I started running, the going was better, and I followed a river all the way to the outskirts of Bellinzona. When I got there, I stood in the river for 10 minutes or so and headed into town. Bellinzona is a nice little town, with three castles that were once a major gateway to the Alps...now they are UNESCO world heritage sites and people go there because of that. I bought a Gelato and wandered up to the big castle in the center of town, and after walking around it (simultaneously looking for potential places to stay) I went back into town and went up to the next castle, where I did the same. I didn't really bother to go up to the third castle, because it was getting late, and everything would be closed (someone informed me later that it really isn't that cool anyways).
I went back into town and bought some dinner at a Kebab place. After eating, I spent a really long time stumbling about waiting for something to fall in my lap. When 10 o'clock rolled around and nothing had fallen in my lap yet, and I had spoken to a few people who couldn't help me out, I went back to the most happening place I knew (the Gelato place) and bought another ice cream and sat down on a bench. There was a group of young people across the street, so I went up to them and stated my facts. A translation of my introduction would probably be something along the lines of : "Good evening, I am a young person, here alone and I have nothing to do. I think that it is better that I speak with some people..." After we spoke for a bit, and they checked out my website to see that I wasn't just a poorly disguised serial killer (Thank you iPhone and 3G!), two of the people (Johnny and Sabrina) offered to take me home to their apartment for a shower and a place to sleep. They were incredibly nice, and were quick to throw my socks in the laundry machine before I could make their apartment smell like dirty feet (I'm about ready for a new pair of shoes).


  1. mmmm.. Gelato. I ate a lot of that in Italy. Perhaps too much..

  2. You should get Nike or someone to sponsor your trip ... maybe they can donate some new kicks.

    Try sending an e-mail via their websites next time you are on. If you send them a link to your blog, I'm sure they'll be interested.

    Then again, your trip is almost over ...

  3. Ciao Ryan, come stai? Per fortuna che te li ho fatti lavare quei calzini! ;-) altrimenti non so se riuscivamo a dormire...lolololo
    È stato un piacere ospitarti.
    Buona fortuna serial killer

    Saluti Johnny e Sabri

  4. Or maybe Apple would feature you in an iPhone ad?

    "Say you're running across Europe on foot and you need a place to sleep, but people might think you are a serial killer, so you have to show them your website. There's an App for that."

  5. What about Simon and Schuster for a book deal and then go on the Oprah show to talk about the book.
    I keep telling everyone to check out this blog.
    Look forward to follow your trip here.

  6. Yes, yes, I really want Ryan to become ultra famous from this adventure. Features in National Geographic, the whole works. Let's make this happen.

  7. Jared, that iPhone advert is hilarious. Brilliant. I'd really like to see that on TV