01 June 2009

Day 10

Antwerpen on the river, originally uploaded by Ryan Runs Europe.

22.2 Kilometers.
I had a great breakfast with my hosts (homemade bread and jam) and started out towards Antwerpen. It was a good easy run, I averaged 6:50 miles.
I got into town and met up with my couchsurfing host Phil, who had a prior obligation in the afternoon, so I took a quick shower and headed out into town alone. I walked all over town, checking out as much as I could...a great train station and some castles and churches and whatnot. I stopped to sit down a few times, my legs feeling pretty dead from all the running/standing/walking I have been doing in the past few days. One of my favorite spots was the edge of the river, pictured above. I ate two waffles, which were delicious. I also ate some fries, which were also delicious. At 8 I went to a pub near the central cathedral and ordered some dinner and moved on to the belgian beer, which is also delicious.

Sitting at a table by myself, I was soon in conversation with an American couple about my trip, and the evening ended up being a bit less lonely than I thought it would be. They insisted upon buying me a round (thanks!), and then another... The problem with running in Belgium is that not only is my tolerance generally low...but the beers have a much higher alcohol content. 10, 12 percent is pretty common. I headed to bed around two...and woke up feeling pretty nasty this morning. I would write more, but being hungover sucks.


  1. Hey Ryan, I see lots and lots of carbs...but are U getting your protein, and fruit and vegetables?

  2. Hey Ryan this message is ment for your mama,

    Yesterday, Ryan ate (6/6) 4 plates of vegetables (cauliflower and chicory), meat, potatoes and fruits (strawberry and melon). It was a great pleasure for us to meet Ryan and he is a very nice guy. We were very pleased to meet him. We wish him the very best! Lut and Philippe

  3. I've just come across your blog...it's awesome that you're blogging about your journey through Europe! I was in Antwerpen last February and the people there are so friendly. It was, by far, one of my favorite cities. I hope you've had a chance to try Kwak while in Belgium. I had it for the first time at Pelgram's in Antwerpen, and it is still my favorite beer.
    Good luck with the rest of the trip!