30 May 2009

Day 9

Belgium, originally uploaded by Ryan Runs Europe.

22.1 Kilometers.
I crossed the border today into Belgium, the land of waffles, beer and fries...all the best things in a runner's diet. The run was short, but had the very eventful moment of my crossing the border into another country. It reminded me very much of the first time I ran from Manhattan across the river to New Jersey...it was my first two hour run, and I was pretty excited to have run to another state (not quite as easy in Olympia, Washington). This experience was very similar, except...well...I'm not in NEW JERSEY.
I ran into Kalmthout during a three day street fair/music festival that I didn't know about until I arrived. I think I heard some Green Day covers. I had a look about, and headed over to the home of my hosts here, Simonne and Joost. Joost is a French professor, so he has been helping me realize how terrible I am at speaking the language. Basically, I have nothing. Things will definitely get interesting as I get further away from the English speaking parts of Europe. Also, they use "AZERTY" keyboards here instead of "QWERTY"...
Anyways, had a great meal, and got a new Belgian SIM card, and helped with transferring some vinyl music to CD. Waking up early in the morning...so I'm going to bed now.


  1. Ted says:
    Glad to see you are making progress on your trip. hope you continue having luck in finding places to stay..wear sunscreen and have a beer for me!

  2. Awesome adventure! Inspiring to read about your progress and discoveries.

    Your magic is real.

  3. Ah Azerty?! Im living with a french girl that has that keyboard too. But I bet those waffles are good.


    your custom ryan runs europe shirts are awesome! I want one

  5. Ryan, You are amazing!! Can't believe that you made it to Belgium. Much Love, Phula and family.

  6. Yeah dude. Sell some t-shirts to raise beer money. Belgian beer kicks ass! Take lots of pics there.

  7. awerty keyboards?
    interesting read ryan.