22 May 2009


These past few weeks have been crazy. I've been super busy finishing final requirements, getting ready for this trip, moving my things into storage, saying goodbye to friends/family and graduating. I have to thank everyone who has helped me out. This past week has been a strange mixture of drunken socialization, ceremonies, packing, stress, and goodbyes. I have not slept or run nearly as much as I should have.

But here I am. I've gotten a phone with GPS, 5 megapixel camera with flash, music, Wi-Fi, and everythingthatcouldeverbepossiblewithaphone. It is a Nokia n79. I've got to get a SIM card here pretty soon.

All the stress of school and socialization is behind me now. Hours ago I was freaking out in NYC traffic, seconds away from missing my flight...now I am sitting at a pay by minute computer terminal with a tiny backpack and one objective: get to my next destination.


  1. WHOOOO!!!
    good luck Ryan!

  2. remember what I taught you about the buckskin knife.

  3. this has to be the best first post I have ever read.

  4. Good luck and good scape...
    I hope I'll be like you just some time about now...
    Sorry my english xD

    kissies... See you...

  5. I am beyond excited that I found your blog. I am looking to do pretty much what you have just accomplished next year. While I still have a lot to read about your journey, I was wondering I haven't seen much about how you prepared. That's what I am most nervous about; preparing. I am planning on flying into Frankfurt and hiking down to Italy, and maybe over to Greece. I intend on reading your full blog about where you stayed, how you dealt with weather, all of that because it is the most helpful thing I have come across thus far.

    What did you do to start out? How did you know what towns you were going to stay in and which ones were on the path you were running? I am having one hell of a time finding maps or even guidebooks for this. I would love absolutely any advice/help on preparing that you can provide me. If it's more convenient my email is:

    I would love to hear from you. Thanks and congrats on an incredible journey