02 June 2009

Day 11

Palingsfest, originally uploaded by Ryan Runs Europe.

16 Kilometers.
I had a very short run today, I'd say that it was a rest day because I've run 136 miles or so in the past week, but it is definitely the result of being hung over. Had I woke up clear headed, I might have just run straight to Brussels...towns here are kind of awkwardly spaced for my ideal running distances though...either too short or too long. It ended up working out for the best though.
I woke up in the morning feeling quite terrible, but decided to get my stuff on and head towards Mechelen, a big town halfway between Antwerpen and Brussels. On the way I decided to go by Le Corbusier's Maison Guiette, a building that an awesome bartender/architecture student had put onto my map the night before. After 3 kilometers of (still somewhat drunk)...moving...I found myself at the place pointed to on my phone. Too tired to really do anything, I went around the corner to an open field along the side of the highway and fell asleep in the grass for two hours. I woke up to an old man explaining to me (in Dutch + Charades) that I would probably die if something fell onto my head from the tree I was sleeping under. Thanks dude...
I then started on my way, and having realized that it would be a terrible idea to head to Mechelen and get there late without a place to stay (it was 4 already, and I was only a couple Kilometers out of the city) I instead contacted a coworker of Phil who lives near a town called Boom, a little bit closer to Antwerpen on the way to Brussels.
I got there with little troubles, had some soup, and Geert and I met up with some of his friends and went to this Palingsfestival where everyone eats eel. I tried a little bit. We all wandered around town for a little bit, and then headed back. On the way Geert pointed me in the direction of a slightly longer but more scenic route that I should take tomorrow, and also took a picture of me sitting on a tank.


  1. You tried a LITTLE BIT of eel? Didn't you eat venomous snake insides? What gives?

  2. Got the adapters you sent back & the postcard of the Heineken factory...You look rested today, dont blame you for not eating the eel..they are usually pickled aren't they?

  3. Good luck making it out of Belgium, why bother!? If you do, though, you may want to stock up on beer for your trip through France- maybe try carrying a keg or something.

  4. Hi Ryan,
    I'm friends with a bunch of Columbia runners now..found your blog and think it's sick! Keep up the good writing and enjoy your time!

  5. Hey Ryan, keep running your doing awesome!! Wish I was with you but only for the beer naturally!!!

  6. Eh, yeah...I've had some very bad experiences with seafood + running...mainly being stranded 7 miles from home with a pretty bad stomach in Thailand. Since then I try to avoid the combination, despite my willingness to try new things. I've only had a couple terrible/funny bathroom experiences so far on this trip...and I'm trying to keep it that way.

    Thanks for all of you comments, again by the way. When I'm bored standing alone in the middle of a street where I've found Wifi, I like to go to see if I've gotten any messages. I generally don't reply by phone, but I certainly read them all.

    Oh, and about the shirts...they are pretty time consuming to make, so I never got around to making a batch. I silkscreened them myself...but the screens are in storage now, and I'm a long way from home...

  7. This eel festival...I've noticed that your plate is a lot more empty than the ones near you. I think running on waffles and fries would be a lot easier than, say, running on eels.